3 Best Beauty Looks for Chinese New Year

February 5, 2016

Health and Beauty

‘Paint It Red’ is the call around this time of the year. The Chinese New Year has greater significance in colors to be able to receive divine interventions and blessings. The whole of China and the entire Southeast Asia would be looking to wear Red, which signifies good fortune and happiness, and would wish to blend it with the Gold that represents the blessings.

A damsel with high sartorial sense would effortlessly blend both the colors in her outfit, but incorporating Red and Gold in makeup is a bit like walking on the water eve for her. In order to help you cut a dash on the eve of the Lunar New Year, SingaporeMummy promises to empower you with a look that will make million run behind your heart and your picturesque persona.

Let your friends and family gush about how perfect you look when they see glowing complexion, radiant cheeks, and pink healthy lips. Natural Goddess, your look screams. the-perfect-beauty-look-for-cny (1)The natural look is more about looking as fresh as ever, naturally, besides being gorgeous. In this look, you don’t fear about melting foundation and smudging eyeliner. However, it is advisable to start your quest a week earlier. Do not forget to drink enough water – a critical factor in getting the radiant glow.

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Start with the primer, put the accent on your cheekbones with a two-toned highlighter and add a touch of blusher on the apples of your cheeks. For eyes,  a small rifle of eyeliner would suffice. To add a bit of shine, you can add a coating of mascara. Your eyebrows are the frame to your face. A natural stroke of a brow pencil – of course, the same shade as your eyeliner has – would help you pull off the best natural look for the night.

If you are visiting your partner’s family for the CNY family dinner and wish to gain their approval, your oriental look would certainly impress everyone.the-perfect-beauty-look-for-cny_3The oriental look has seen many heated debates, but the fact is it creates a charming look that forms a part of bewildering Asian beauty. It requires neither heavy blushers nor fanciful eyeshadow. Be cautious while applying layers as none would want to see the makeup that is pale or overpowering.

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Creating a look that is a just-off-center and the loose wave is not difficult. Knot your wet hair night before to create a wavy flow. Exfoliate your lips and moisturize before putting on make-up. Start with the BB cream that has SPF for a matte finish. Add a touch of blusher on your cheeks for a fuller glow. Curl your lashes slightly and lightly to create an edgier look. The crux in this look is a color and shape of the lips. Choose a bright lip color; such as raspberry red.

With changing times, traditions change. If you are not witnessing a family dinner, but choose to go out and party, you need a look like Kardashian or Hyuna that can win you mature complements.GlamAsia-Runway-Inspired-Chinese-New-Year-Makeup-Les-CopainsEveryone wants it and everyone thinks imitating celebs is not a big deal. Notwithstanding the confidence, creating a glamorous look for the CNY eve is not a cakewalk. Each stroke layering the cosmetics on the surface of the face holds more importance than merely picking up the red blusher and gold eyeliner.

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It is essential to use a primer first before applying any foundation to create a look that genuinely reflects your glamorous side. A foundation must be added to the area where an additional attention is required rather than painting the whole face with it. Your eyes are the key to your soul, which needs additional encouragement using a light shade of eye-shadow, neatly dusted on lids. Add a bit of flirtation by extending the cat-flick using black eyeliner. Glossy, satin, velvet or matte, the choice is yours. A rich wine shade would do a lot of good and would match your cat-flick as well.

Indeed, offering lots of tips on makeup but not offering discount deals on cosmetics cuts no ice, right? Well, SingaporeMummy knows no disappointment. If you have ever played a game of Hidden Jewels, you will be able to find a fabulous discount offer on each cosmetic product. Play a little game and get ready for the fabulous CNY eve.

Wish you all a very happy Chinese New Year and Fascinating Year Ahead…!

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