MacBook: Everyone Following This Ongoing Trend In Singapore

May 5, 2017


None of us can deny the fact that Laptop is the essential need and for so many personal to professional work we are entirely dependent on it. when it comes to gadgets or electronic items, ‘Apple’ leaves a very positive and strong impression on us, isn’t it?

This uniqueness can be seen in its features like you can use Apple Pencil to mark up PDFs in the mail App. Since a professional has to read then sign a number of papers in a day, therefore, this MacBook helps greatly to reduce the time using this markup feature.

The MacBook feature of writing offline is really a great help as it enables you to unplug yourself from the internet which, in turn, increases your productivity. whatever changes you make are saved in iCloud. It is integrated with all renowned blogging platforms like tumbler, WordPress, Blogspot etc.

The paper thin MacBook Air is back and it’s now better than ever. Featuring longer battery life, fourth generation Intel processors, flash storage, and so much more, the MacBook Air is designed and engineered for the upmost best portable performance. Together with the Mac OS X, Apple ensures you have the ultimate notebook experience.

From the moment you turn on the MacBook Air, you will notice the difference in speed and performance. Starting up takes fewer seconds, apps launch quickly, even navigating the desktop feels incredibly fluid and responsive – and it’s all thanks to flash storage. Flash storage gives you up to 4 times the performance of a traditional hard drive, so anything you do is just faster, smoother and better.

Thanks to compact all-flash storage in MacBook Air, there’s plenty of room for a big battery. Working together with the new power-efficient Intel Core architecture, this battery can post some impressive numbers. Now the 11-inch model gets up to 9 hours of battery life on a single charge and the 13-inch model gets up to 12 hours. That gives you all-day power for word processing, presentations, email, and more.

OS X is made available to every Mac ever produced and this presents a fully integrated system in which everything works together perfectly. OS X works in tandem with your processor in your MacBook Pro to deliver the best possible performance.

Everything about the OS X is designed to be simple, from the moment you start up your MacBook to the applications that you use every day. This makes navigating around your MacBook incredibly easy as well. From the Dock, you can launch apps quickly and switch between them easily. If an app isn’t on the Dock, you’ll find it in Launchpad. Go there to see all the apps on your Mac full screen and organize them however you like. And Mission Control gives you a bird’s eye view of all your open windows so you can keep track of everything you’re working on.

Even the design of the MacBook Air is revolutionary, instead of comprising of multiple parts, the MacBook is machined from a single piece of aluminum called the unibody. The entire enclosure is thinner and more lightweight compared to other notebooks. On top of that, the body is strong and durable perfect for those always on the move.

A notebook won’t be considered a notebook without a trackpad and that’s why the MacBook Air spent significant time researching how to further improve the experience. The result is a Multi-Touch trackpad that has no button because it is the button. This means you have more room to track and more room to click as well. Everything from the sensitivity to how it feels is finely tuned to perfection just for you.

iCloud stores your content and lets you access your music, photos, calendars, contacts, documents, and more from whatever device you’re on. So if you take a picture with your iPhone or make changes to your meeting schedule on your iPad, iCloud makes sure everything appears on your Mac, too. And it works both ways — create a to-do list on your Mac and you can make edits to it on your iPhone.

It is a great choice and worth investing!

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