Know More About Singapore, The Fascinating Mosaic Of Cultural Diffusion With Singaporemummy!

Singapore, a city which was once a village has now transformed into an urban city offering an enthralling medley of cultural diffusion.

Capitalising on its diverse culture’s melting pot, Singapore is finally getting some recognition and is also becoming Asia’s topmost hit-list destinations.


From fashion to travel to food to hospitality, Singapore is simply rising day by day.

Singaporemummy will let you know more about this beautiful urban city of Asia in a very unique and distinctive way. Let’s take a look at this bustling city, Singapore in detail-

Singapore as an emerging fashion capital!

Singaporemummy fashion

Singapore, being a young city is worldwide famous for its conformity and order. The fashion scene over here is continuously undergoing a dramatic transformation. It has now become a destination that welcomes & promotes fashion innovation in a stimulating environment with creative energy and buzz.

  • The place offers a vibrant fashion scene as well as an established platform to creative talents and designers to showcase & retail their art.
  • Provides a belief that designers can flourish and attain a renowned position in the fashion world which is extremely viable, glamorous and stylish.

With this thought process, Singapore fashion strives to attain highest ranking in the global fashion world.

Singapore – A thriving and vivid travel destination!

Singaporemummy travel

Comprising a total of 64 islands, Singapore is a place where people from different ethnic groups live. The place has got everything from beautiful beaches, tall skyscrapers, nightclubs to malls and local shopping markets. The city offers every possible combination that a travel destination can have.

Traveling this beautiful city will surely leave you with an amazing and wonderful experience. Given below are some most visited tourist attractions of Singapore

  • Merlion Park
  • Universal Studios
  • Night Safari
  • Sentosa Island
  • River Safari
  • Jurong Bird Park
  • Singapore Zoo
  • Gardens by the Bay

Singapore, a melting pot of sumptuous cuisines and refreshing drinks!

Singaporemummy food

Travelers, who love to satisfy their gastronomic desires for delightful delicacies must pay a visit to this food paradise named Singapore. The place offers a unique blend of food & drink which is considered extremely special.

Some must-try food and drinks are as follows-

  • Satay.  It is a Mediterranean dish which is basically a local version of meat skewers. You will get beef, chicken and lamb satays served with peanut sauce over here.
  • Laksa. Rice noodles cooked in coconut spicy curry & sprinkled with bean curd, chicken, and prawns. An indulgent and very rich dish that will surely leave you craving for more.
  • Fried Carrot Cake. A comfort Singaporean food in which eggs and diced radish are tossed in soy sauce. The dish is spicy and oily but promises a truly satisfying gastronomic experience.
  • Chicken Rice. A local dish of roasted, steamed & barbequed chicken cooked with rice, garlic, and chicken stock.
  • Chili Crab.  Hard-shell crab cooked in nice spicy gravy and is generally served with rice or bread.
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