How To Keep Your Kids Occupied During Long Winter Weekends?

February 6, 2018

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Long winter weekends bring in a huge list of problems for parents as their kids get ample amount of time to do the pieces of stuff that aren’t to be done and parents lose their patience. So, all in all, the weekends are completely destroyed. So, what is the best way to keep up with the kids especially during the weekends?

Although weekends are also the best time to cherish it with your kids. But, you also need a good time to relax and enjoy or even get the household chores done because it is a weekend after all. There are some fun kids who get themselves into major activities that make them physically and mentally fit.

As it is always parenting is never easy but, if you plan it smartly then there is no other fun job than parenting that will make your kids and you grow together and trust me it is the most amazing feeling in the whole world.

Here are some ideas that will wonderstruck you with amazing results. Shape these ideas with the help of the online portals that will help you in various ways and this will beneficial for you and your lids too.

Pack A Complete Winter Picnic Lunch


If you are planning a picnic during the winter weekends then, you must pack a complete tiffin that will definitely create a craving at some or the other time and thus they will get busy in enjoying their lunch and you can do your pieces of stuff.

You Can Even Occupy Them With Baking Project

Don’t you think this could be really advantageous for your child even if not today then in future? So, get a good reason and let your kid bake with full independence and safety (a must). Chalk up the list and make them fully prepared for all the baking projects. Also,  gift them a chef’s kit will give them the authority in the kitchen that they love.

Spray Painting


When sledging down in the snow give your kids another reason to go outside for some fun activities. Spray bottles with a little watercolour paint or food-safe dye mixed with water could inspire their next great art project on the world’s most naturally white canvas. As long as there are a few rules, you shouldn’t have to clean up after them.

Karaoke Party

Singaporemummy Sg

Let your kid enjoy the fun of karaoke party with the other children so that he is engrossed in some of the fun activities. This could be even fun for you as a parent too. You will enjoy the fun of your kids and this will be actually exhilarating for you. Let your kids create their own playlist whatever they choose and let them become rock stars in the best karaoke party of the season. You might need this to happen behind a closed door.

Let your kids have fun and make their weekends worth the enjoyment. So that you can also accompany them and they get to learn new activities that would turn them into an amazing kid.

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