What You Should Expect On Your Motherhood Stage?

February 13, 2018

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motherhood tips

Becoming a mother to a newborn child is something which needs a lot of preparation. Preparation as in deciding what things would be beneficial for you and your child.

Having a baby is an amazing experience, that leads to many changes in life as you are now no more a selfish person but have to always think about your child first. If you are at a stage where you will soon become a mother then you should know that this memory will stay with you forever, so cherish it.

Now, before you start getting at a crucial stage and discover what could happen in your pregnancy or after you become a mother, you should make sure you look after your health every time. This stage is something where you should never compromise with, to keep everything running smoothly.

Here are few things and diet you should consider and you will find everything running smoothly.

Take a good sleep


Taking a good amount of sleep is also the very essential thing that needs to look after if you sleep timely and wakeup timely. A minimum of 7-hours sleep is essential for everyone and being a mother is very difficult to sleep properly.

So, you can try out sleeping when the baby sleeps, make sure to take some time out to sleep during that time.

Eat right food

motherhood tips

The phase of lactation is something that demands an extra 500kcal in the diet of a breastfeeding mother. Intake of right food is quite neccessary to keep it running smoothly. So, despite all the conflicting advice being given to a mother to a newborn; breastfeeding to a child is something which is advised to every mother.

So, make sure you consume a good amount of food that is rich in proteins, vitamins, iron, and calcium. Women can continue the healthy eating plan that they were following in their pregnancy stage.

Drinking 8 glass of water


Water is something which is essential for everyone in this world. A daily 8 glass of water ensures a good start to a day and also help you provide a regular supply of milk. The breastfeeding mothers are told to keep a bottle of water nearby so that they can drink it when they feel thirsty or not, as they it is difficult to get up once they start nursing.

Be prepared for food craving


Food cravings are something which no pregnant women can avoid. Having right food for yourself is quite essential as sometimes getting sudden urges to eat a particular type of food occurs. Sometimes common food cravings occur such as craving for ice cream, chocolate and other sweet foods, fish, dairy products and fruit.

Thus, when you are pregnant make sure you have essential foods stored in your refrigerator at your home. In addition to food cravings, many pregnant women also develop a sudden hatred or dislike for certain food.

Lastly, Stay Calm

motherhood tips

The last but not least, try to feel relaxed and calm every time. Being a mother is not an easy job but it is a 24/7 hours job that keeps you on your toes every time. So, make sure you are calm and welcome each and everything as your responsibility without feeling afraid or hatred anytime.

Doing yoga is something which helps pregnant women is overcoming their stress and would also lead to a healthy baby born.

Ready to toast the fact that you will be a very awesome mother!!



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