The 4 Phases Of Early Motherhood!

March 7, 2018



Whether you are a new mom, tired mom, angry mom, or calm mom; you are always surrounded by lots of stuff. Yes, as being a mom is not an easy job but it is a 24/7 hours work that she has to perform with no excuses.

A mother doesn’t need to learn about motherhood but it all comes naturally to her at the time. She experiences things in her life and with the time she learns about how to tackle with such situations.

Mothers today have the tendency to deliver too much and demand too little. Yes, she is like a candle who provide light to others and in return get burn herself. Some mother takes time to become a pro at motherhood and some become as soon as their baby is born. Of course, every mother is different. Here are few different stages of mothers, check out which one is you!

1. Pregnancy and New Baby Born


When a woman is pregnant, it is the most precious feeling that she cannot express in words. It is that time of the stage when a woman experiences different mood swings. Sometimes she likes to eat something and the other second she has a craving for other things.

At this time she may also feel nausea or just utter exhaustion. Sometimes when the pressure arises and the burden occurs then she may have the feeling that we feel that he is a bad wives/mothers, and just unable to cope. But, actually its normal for a woman to think like that due to the hormonal changes.

2. Survival Mode


After the passage of 3 to 6 months when the baby grows, the women become used to the daily routines and started likely to adjust to the things. She may start to adjust with things such as naps, feeds, changes, and try to make sure everyone is well rested and not burdened.

This stage ultimately shifts her focus of life and become baby-centric. She started shifting her priority and become less social in life.

3. Emotional Journey


This phase is more described as the stage of outbursts and meltdowns. Both ours and our toddlers. We are in the thick of learning how to manage frustration and deal with disappointment.

Sometimes, to manage grown-up children becomes difficult for a mother and she may even learn that sometimes its necessary to let the kids sort their feeling on their own.

4. Forward-Looking


This is a phase when a woman become a pro at handling various task including his husband, kid, and work. Now women get a better idea on how to plan vacations that won’t make everyone more stressed and worn out.

Being a mother you can indulge in long conversations, and know about your children, and enjoy their personalities. It also allows you to go ahead with the struggles and let your child shape their hearts.

Being a woman is not an easy task but she has to manage everything from house chores to family. Therefore, respecting women is the best we can do to and also if you get a chance listen to them and help them in their critical days.


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