5 Famous Local Food To Eat In Singapore When You Visit Here!

March 20, 2018

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One of the reasons we travel to a different place is because we want to explore a different culture and different location. Right? Another major reason we all love to travel is to enjoy new flavoured food in a different country.

It is quite an intriguing fact that there are about 50% of travellers who travel to different localities just to enjoy their local food. The best place to travel to gain all the adventure and fun in Singapore. Yes, actually travelling to Singapore is the best decision you can plan for your next adventurous trip.

Singapore is a little reef city-state on the bottom tip of the Malay peninsula in Southeast Asia. It offers multiple of beautiful places where you can have numerous cultural influences.

You can try out some of the best cuisines in Singapore such as Chinese, Indian, and Malay food. These will give you the opportunity to order the food you like and want to explore.

Singapore Restaurants and Street Food which one must surely try!

Food is one of the biggest supporters of Singaporean society, and one of the most awesome things about touring is that you’ll be enclosed by an entire city of other food lovers!

Best Singapore dishes to try!

1. Fish Head Curry


This is the dish you should definitely try out when you reach Singapore. There are a number of different types of Singapore fish head curry available at various restaurants in Singapore. You can try out the Indian version – a large snapper head swimming in an abundantly flavorful spice-filled curry.

You can order this basic dish and get a big bowl of fish head curry and then eat it with rice and a variety of other curries in banana leaf plate.

2. BBQ Sambal Stingray


Another ultimate food to try out in Singapore is a stingray, which is declared to be a unique Singapore dish. The fillets of stingray are typically seasoned with a nice thick layer of sambal chilli sauce. You can order this food right away when you are in Singapore to experience one of the different flavours which often includes chillies, tamarind, garlic, and other ingredients and served with banana leaf package.

The banana leaves make sure the stingray is both grilled and steamed at the same time, so it remains juicy, with a light grilled banana leaf fragrance.

Best Hawker Centre to visit to try best Singaporean dishes!

3. Chinatown Complex Food Centre


This is one of the biggest and busiest hawker centres located at the heart of Chinatown in Singapore. This place mainly offers Chinese food as there are many Chinese customers who love to enjoy this cuisine only. So, if you want to try out best Chinese cuisine then you must visit this place.

Also, you will find a very popular place to eat at the market name clay pot rice.

4. Old Airport Road Hawker Centre


There was a survey conducted, where it was founded that it is one of the best hawker centres in Singapore. Here you can enjoy some of the favourite dishes like char kway teow, prawn noodles, Hokkien mee, lor mee, kway chap, satay, rojak and soya beancurd.

As it is one of the first centres in Singapore, therefore, it offers big and spacious areas and home to some fabulous vendors.

Hopefully, your travel journey will be an interesting one if you plan to travel to Singapore and try their famous food!


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