What to Wear And Eat While Vacationing In Singapore!

Singapore is a place that offers some of the amazing scenic attractions that make it an ideal place for vacation.

Singapore is an absolutely beautiful country that offers some of the best looking places with easy transport facility that anyone can easily roam around beautiful surroundings. It has some great tropical climate with the plants of lush and green, that makes the island look like a real urban jungle.

It offers some unique mix of historic old buildings and traditional culture with skyscrapers and highly valued business people who can plan for a public holiday. You also get a chance and excitement of a big city of visiting a country with a rich and diverse history.

Now, if you have never been to Singapore and this is the first time you are travelling then here in this blog guide you will know what is the fashion in Singapore and what best food you can try out there.

What to Pack For A Trip To Singapore!

Umbrella and Rain Gear


Because of the location of Singapore, the average temperature in Singapore is steady all year round. The temperature of the country ranges between 25 and 31 degrees Celcius and therefore the humidity is quite high, and the normal temperature between 70% to 80%.

Singapore’s warmest month is April i.e this time; therefore if you are planning to travel this time you don’t require umbrella and rain gear. But if you are travelling in the month of November to January, then November being the wettest month, you will experience rain every month. mostly it rains in the afternoons and early evenings.

SunSmart Gear


Singapore is one of the countries that is quite sunny. Therefore, you’ll definitely need a hat and sunscreen with high number SPF to protect you from sunburn. By packing a sunscreen and hat, at least you are ready to face the sun and your skin will not get damaged by the harmful rays of the sun.

Remember that sunscreen is quite a good item that is as good as its user and it’s up to you to reapply or not to ensure you don’t get burned. Similarly, packing a sun-shirt is a good idea too to stay in the pool for hours.

Clothes to Pack


The clothing style in Singapore is pretty mainstream, as in any country style varies similarly Singaporeans also has a specific clothing style. The styling factor depends mainly on your age as the younger generation want to wear casual style while older generation wants to keep it conservative.

As the weather in Singapore is hot and humid, therefore, the dressing style casual t-shirt and denim shorts will go well with anyone. You can also try fabric such as cotton, polyester, linen, silk, and spandex.

Food to Try


You can enjoy some of best local food in Singapore. From delicious chilli crab, Hainanese chicken rice, to laksa and roti prata, you can dwell in some of the best recipe food and savour each unique flavour in the city.

There are so many places where you can find food of your choice in Singapore, it may be a small country but there are lots of choices of food available that are sure eye opener for first timers to Singapore.

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