2 Jaw Dropping Parks that You Can Only Find in Singapore

October 17, 2018

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1The relevance of Singapore in the world is growing because of its eco-friendly initiatives which emphasize growth and development on a parallel with nature and environment. This makes even more sense if you see the growth achieved by Singapore on the economic front without compromising environment safety and stability. Singapore current ranks amongst the list of most well-developed cities as well as the greener cities of the world. This has only been possible due to its striving efforts to maintain the ecological equilibrium of the land with the help of Parks and Nature Reserves. In fact, many times, it is said that Singapore isn’t a City full of gardens but rather a ‘city within a garden’.

You can’t deny the role of trees and greenery in general as it hands some really phenomenal benefits that are unattainable by any other way. this essentially means that whatever human beings might have developed, it can not replace the need of the green plants in our ecosystem. Singapore, for instance, has developed many incredible parks within the small land area and limited availability of land. Every person should visit  Singapore at least once to get inspired by the eco-friendly greenery preserved within the well-developed areas. If you wish have been planning a vacation break, then look no further. Use these Klook Voucher Codes and avail exclusive discounts on your travel bookings to Singapore.

Bay Gardens


It is apparently one of the most popular gardens amongst the local population and many locals visit it for having some relaxation and fun out of their busy lifestyle. But it is also a place that every traveller must visit due to its sheer artistic beauty.  The park is known for its Supertree Grove that is a collection of 18 metallic structures build in really huge sizes.

There is a bridge connected between the top of two of these structures called the ‘Skywalk’ which offers a great view of surrounding regions from a very good height. The park also holds many other interesting features which are presented in many different sections. You can get to see a variety of flowers and plant species in the Heritage Park. Other sections such as Cloud Forest Conservations, the Marina Barrage, the flower dome etc are also worth a visit.

East Coast Park

5This is the biggest park in Singapore and covers a land area of over 25 square kilometres. The park is developed on the sidelines of the East Coast which is evident from its name itself. Being such a lengthy park, it is really hard to walk all along and visit it completely, therefore, it is recommended that you should explore the entire park on wheels to save your time and from being tired of walking a bit too much for the sake of it.

Many people can be found roaming on the park lanes during the weekends with bicycles, two-wheelers, skateboards and rollerblades, with friends and families. The bicycles are provided on rent by a few shops near the parking place. This place is also a good place for joggers and yoga practices and you can easily find many doing the same in the morning time.

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