5 Quick Time-Management Tips For Crunched Working Moms!

October 22, 2018


What a mother should do when the time eats her time away. You can use some hacks and fine-art hacking tips to do your tasks nicely and keep a balance between professional life and motherhood.

These days, for a working mom, the word ‘busy’ is an understatement. From the time a mother leaves the hospital after having her first child to raising them and climbing the corporate ladder in the hectic and demanding field is quite touch.

The best thing is that even the busy mom can cut out pockets of breathing place from even the craziest day. So, whether you are looking to work, or planning to take care of your child, make sure you take out time for yourself.

Here are a few essential tips that a working mother must follow!

1. Spend sufficient time sleeping

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Whenever you find a time free, prioritize your sleep and plan to take a nap when your child is sleeping. If you do not take time to sleep then you may not able to focus on your work and you’ll be drag ahead if time just to complete the tasks. Prepare a list, schedule your time and add good time at bed so that you can function the next day easily.

2. Establish normal work hours

Daycare is indispensable to a working mom

Sometimes due to work pressure, you may feel like completing task become a hectic thing to follow. So, plan your work routine only up to the limit what you can easily follow. The life commitments and job projects will not become less but when you are sure to waste and flow, so be sure to check in regularly. In this way, you can become your own boss and reserve nights and weekends exclusively for your baby and family.

3. Welcome the power of “No”


Raising a child is no easy job but you have to be present with your child each moment. From looking after their studies, PTA meeting, chaperone all field trips or completing their homework to making your own work at an office. Saying no to any task can be tough thereby, support limits teach your kids the value of pricing limits.

4. Establish achievable regular aims

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Making a to-do-list every day can be useless if it’s too ambitious. What’s the point of making a list of tasks which you cannot achieve. A woman is not a superhero and can only manage realistic things and tasks, therefore give yourself only possible and achievable tasks.

5. Don’t attempt to multitask

Busy Mother Working From Home With Daughter

A woman is known to do multitasking but sometimes managing household chores, taking care of family, babies, and managing work life at the same time can take her all energy. Therefore, the best option is to strategize her tasks and plan to do shopping for home items by choosing Lazada promo codes and easily purchase baby essential items and household items online without wasting their time to go for shopping.

Hope, the above tips will let working women make her life easy without taking much stress.


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