Travelling To Singapore For First Time? Here Is What You Need To Know!

November 1, 2018

Singapore Travel, Travel Tips

They say travelling is fun when you visit our favourite place and explore the best things around a place. Mere visiting a place will not let you create memories but by making each move count and exploring best things will let you have new memories to cherish forever.

If you are planning to travel one of the beautiful destinations like Singapore, then you must have already made a list of things to do and how to have a good time. Well, it is quite important that you make a note of things to do of a new place before you reach a foreign or unknown country. Here in this travel guide, we will share with you some best travel tips and things to do in Singapore that will make your travelling more fun!

Well, Singapore is a country that offers a variety of things for every tourist, no matter what he is looking for. This island state is full of new challenges hundreds of activities, attractions and activities on offer. That’s why this survival guide is so helpful – we’ve done the filtering for you.

Look at hot-spots in Singapore and book all these fun activities to do by using Klook promo code and enjoy a great discount on your bookings.

Amusement at Sentosa!

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If you like to enjoy at an amusement park then visit Sentosa. Here you will get some great options to see from looking at the beautiful Dolphin Lagoon, Butterfly Park, Palawan beach, songs of the sea laser-musical, insect kingdom, underwater world, and can enjoy some songs of the Sea Laser-Musical Show.

So, plan out a time with your family and enjoy a book your ticket to Universal Studios Singapore, on the island and at the theme park of Universal Studios to be opened in all of Asia.

Go On a Cruise!

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Next, plan to go on an exciting Singapore river, where you can enjoy cruising at sundown. As you cruise down, you will be delighted by the unusual skyline of the city, surrounded by colossal bridges, and heritage buildings.

The Nocturnal World!

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Another great and attractive option in Singapore is amazing Singapore’s Night Safari. You can see the famous Night Safari, look at the zoo which opens only at night time. There are about 120 different species in Singapore, having around thirty per cent of those animals on the endangered list. This zoo marks a huge number of visitors ranging from 1.1 million every year.

Get a Quick Start! 


Turn yourself up at the Singapore Botanic Gardens where you can take a peaceful start to your day by taking a calm and peaceful walk near the Singapore Botanic Gardens. You can get up at 5 AM and start looking at the old tourist’s spots that offer horticultural displays and a majestic selection of plants that hold importance worldwide. Being here will make you feel fresh and then you can move happily to your next destination.

Cherish modern Art! 

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If you are a fan of modern art and love to capture every new piece of artwork then in Singapore you can really find some great pieces of modern art in the Ritz- Carlton Hotel. Plan your journey to this modern art and enjoy some great display that includes Rainer Gross’ geometric structures, Andy Warhol and David Hockney’s joyous colours, and many more all at free of cost.

So, plan your trip immediately to Singapore and get ready for a roller coaster ride to this modern city-state and create some wonderful memories.

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