4 Year-End Destinations Where Singaporeans Would Love To Travel!

December 4, 2018

Singapore Travel

As the year is closer to end, so are the Singaporeans planning to celebrate the time at some different locations. Yes, Christmas and New Year Celebration are in full swing and being an advent traveller, nothing can be a better time than this.

So, before you start thinking about where to celebrate Christmas and New Year to finish off your 2018? Take a look below at some places where you must plan in your trip and plan for a nice holiday destination to Singapore and step up to your favourite dream destination.

Here are a few places where you can travel and enjoy the best time with your family before the year ends.

1. Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo is one the most famous cities in the world and it’s no wonder that many people come and visit this place during this time only i.e. during December. As during these days, there are several airlines to bustling metropolis that it’s quite easy to find a flight.

Furthermore, December is the cheapest time of the year, when Expedia, Hotels.com, and Agodaoffers a huge discount on their flight and hotel prices that it becomes more convenient to be travel there. 

When you visit here, you can explore Buddhist temples like the famous Sensoji in Asakusa, antique churches such as the beautiful Meiji Jingu, impressive ryokan and onsen resorts that will keep you fully inspired and excited. The street decorated with lights, energetic street scenes, pubs, clubs, and mankind humanity will keep your blood pumping.

2. Seoul, South Korea

All those who prefer to enjoy Korean culture or all travel buffs can plan out an amazing destination for Singaporeans. When you visit this amazing year-end destination, you’ll never feel cold inside a jimjilbang, and want to spend a number of days here.

You can indulge in rejuvenating activities like traditional style spa and make new friends over beers and fried chicken. Also, you could go for ice-skating at Seoul Plaza and come alive with city festive cheer, exciting Christmas lights and carolling. 

3. Taipei, Taiwan

If you are not one of the kinds who enjoy winter and white Christmas then Taipei is a certain wonderful opportunity for you to travel and enjoy the moderate temperate option. The temperature is cool enough to make you feel moderate but not cold enough that your extremities go numb.

The average temperatures range between 13-25 °C. People like to indulge themselves with eating, drinking, and dining in order to befit its status as a major Asian city. Taipei offers a variety of options for every traveller including ice mountains, Taiwanese sausages, and beef noodles! 

4. London, United Kingdom

To end your year, a romantic getaway is also quite a likeable option when you can go to London. You could stroll the Oxford, Carnaby and Regent Streets; all packed full with masses of shoppers and can indulge in the best festive decoration that will keep them fully admired. During Christmas time, one can even entertain in carolers that take to the streets and performances are carried across the city for the enjoyment of the people.

So, all Singaporeans get going and plan out the best moment in any of the above destinations and make your vacation a time to remember.

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