3 Outstanding Low Budget Travel Destinations in Asia

January 23, 2019

Travel Tips

Travellers can find a plethora of options for everything they want if they can throw in hefty amounts at will. But not travellers are blessed enough to have the financial freedom to spend their money with a carefree attitude. Most travellers have a budget planned for travel that they want to restrict their expenditures within. It is not always hard if you could figure out the apt option within the scope of your pocket.

When it comes to budget travelling, there are rare options that could challenge Asia as a cost-efficient destination. It is not just about the affordability but the supreme offering that this travel hub is fully loaded with which makes it hard to ignore for anyone who wants to travel on a budget. You can easily save plenty on your travel accommodations using these Hotels.com Promo Code, add it’s cheap food prices and low transportation costs, everything seems just the way a budget traveller would have wished for. Here are 3 Ideal destinations in Asia that you could easily visit on a minimalistic budget.


Indonesia is the largest country in South East Asia and has an immense versatility and variety to offer to any aspiring traveller. From the Volcanic Islands to idle beaches, from scorching rainforests to tranquil lakes, beautiful architectures to amazing landscapes, there is everything perfectly poised for the travellers. The fact that Indonesia is the most budget-friendly destination of the region makes it a very prominent option for any traveller who wants to travel on a shoestring budget. There are a plethora of exotic island retreats in the country which could be enjoyed on spending a very little amount. You can blindly go to Indonesia and be ensured that you get much more worth for every penny of what you spend in the country.null

Sri Lanka

In spite of being a very small piece of land, Sri Lanka manages to squeeze in one of the most mind-blowing travel itineraries that would take you by a pleasant surprise. There are a lot of adventurous activities that you can do in this small territory that ranges from rock climbing to forest safari, exotic beaches to awesome foods, and amazing architectural sites. The country is known for its incredibly cheap accommodations, transportation, food and free of cost tours to the cultural hub of the region.


If there is the most perfect country that has been tailor-made for the backpacker’s, it is Vietnam. The country offers a ridiculous range of destinations that include all kinds of landscapes and habitats, even the deserts. As a budget conscious traveller, one has a very cost-effective accommodation option, very low-cost transportation facilities, and food that would barely break your balance. And when you consider the beautiful and gorgeous locales that the country offers, there is nothing that would come close to Vietnam as a travel destination for budget travellers on a minimalistic budget.

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