3 Exotic Beaches of Seychelles That Sweep Hearts with Sheer Beauty

February 20, 2019

Travel Tips

If you would look for the top 5 beach destinations in the world, there is no doubt whatsoever that Seychelles would feature in it. The tropical island is as exquisite a place that one could find with every elementary ingredient that is needed to woo you beyond any doubt. As a matter of opinion, I would probably say that the place characterizes the word ‘Paradise’ as if it was used for this marvellous exotic island destination.

Seychelles needs no recognition when it comes to tourism and obviously so. The white warm sand in the backdrop of turquoise blue ocean and palm plantations makes for some of the most perfect beaches in the world. If you wish to book a trip to Seychelles, don’t waste time anymore and avail the Expedia Promo Code to book an ultra-luxurious resort in this island paradise. You would certainly feel more tempted to go for this dream destination after taking a view of these 3 majestic beaches of Seychelles.

Côte d’Or Praslin

This beach is also known by the name ‘Volbert’ and it is the main beach of the Praslin Islands. It is certainly the most gorgeous one of the island and has a very calm soothing feel that would relieve even the most sombre and distressed minds with its tranquillity. The beach is particularly known for its high-end resorts and spas for a perfect island retreat to escape from the frustrating routine of urban lifestyle. The water of this beach is unexpectedly calm and mild which is why this place is ideal for snorkelling and sea diving escapades.

Anse Lazio Beach

In all the islands and the number of beaches in the Seychelles Archipelago, Anse Lazio has been rated the best by most travellers who have been to this mesmerizing exotic coast. Anse Lazio is a very plain and flat land territory and therefore it offers a very unique sunset view which is a distinct experience altogether considering the fact that most sunset points are located at high altitudes. The island is full of palm trees and another species of tree which is known by the locals as Takamaka trees. Seychelles is a photographer’s delight as it offers several picturesque sites to get the dream shots which most photographers aspire for. This island is located on the Lazio islands and it is towards the north of Praslin Islands.


The Mahe island has a very spectacular variation of beaches thanks to its versatile background marked by the rocky terrains and lush green vegetation. This island is particularly popular amongst the tourist circles owing to its endless adventurous activities and flourished water sports offerings. This island is particularly popular for Paragliding as the region provides a perfect setting to try the adrenaline pumping joyous activity with professional guidance and tools. You can book the resorts in Mahe Islands using the Hotels Promo Code and enjoy a luxurious reprieve in the breathtaking locales of the tropical paradise.

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