6 Vietnamese Cuisines that You Must Taste

March 6, 2019


Vietnam is known for its mind blowing beauty and attractive natural flourish that it is blessed with. Being a South East Asian country meant that in spite of having some of the most beautiful naturally breath-taking scenic views, it still has to deal with severe competition from its neighbours when it came to tourism. Even though, it did not succeed as much as Malaysia or Thailand, but it is still undoubtedly no lesser in any scale of comparison.

One such impeccable aspect of Vietnam is the food which it is widely known for. There are certain aspects of cooking which were inherently born in Vietnam such as roasting and barbeque. The dishes of Vietnam are also distinctively recognized due to their strong but balanced flavours of spices. The trick in Vietnamese cuisines is to find the variation of cooking at different levels to maintain influence of every ingredient as a whole. This style is more about precise variations in cooking rather than spicing it up unnecessarily with the flavours. It is highly recommended to take a culinary trip of Vietnam during your trip. You can get lowest price for Vietnam trip using this Klook Promo Code. These are 6 distinctively prepared Vietnamese dishes that you would love to eat.

Bánh mì

This dish is a delicious mix of the traditional Vietnamese cuisine which is prepared in combination with the French style of cooking. The ingredient and taste of the two different regions has been infused to make a delicious meal that is unique in its own special way. This dish can be prepared in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian way and uses fresh vegetable, moreish sweet sauce (French), crispy baguettes and eggs or meat is added for the non-vegetarians. This dish is easily available in all parts of the country being popular amongst the local population.

Bánh cuốn

This is the original version of what the western countries have adopted with the name Spring Roll. These rolls are stuffed with a special preparation which includes seasoned pork, finely chopped mushrooms with spices and herbs. This preparation is rolled inside the steamed rice batter and served with a special dip made up of fish sauce. This dish marks the perfection and delicacy involved in traditional Vietnamese way of cooking.

Gỏi cuốn

If you are fed up of fried or grilled dishes, here’s a raw one for your satisfaction. This is a fresh preparation that is again a variant of spring roll and is mostly eaten in the summer season. The rolls are filled with crispy salad, pork, prawn and seasoned spices before packing it and served with a sweet and spicy dip and peanuts.   


This is the Vietnamese desert which can be interestingly prepared in both sour and sweet taste as per the liking of a person. The dish is a kind of soup which is prepared with kidney beans, fruit pulp and coconut cream and served with crushed ice for giving a soothing feel in the hot summer days.

Bánh xèo

This dish is very much like a pan cake if you look at it but you would only realize that it is not actually sweet upon eating it. The dish is prepared with pork and shrimp paste which spiced up with a lot of turmeric and sprouted beans. This dish got its name due to the noise it makes while frying and the word Bánh xèo literally means ‘sizzling cake’.

Mi vit tiem

This is a traditional noodle soup of Vietnam which might not be as popular as the other dishes mentioned over here but it is no less tasty and deserves a mention. Although, the dish has some striking similarities with the Chinese dishes, but it is a completely oblivious preparation that has been prepared in the region from earlier times which is why it evident in form of the classic Vietnamese spices and flavour.

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