3 Hidden Attractions of Malacca You Probably Didn’t Know About!

March 12, 2019

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If you have ever been to Malacca, you must have been to its famous and most visited places, now its time to explore some hidden places which you didn’t know about.

Malacca is one beautiful place that will make you in love with its beauty all over again. It has a unique blend of ancient buildings and modern living with some breathtaking sights to dream about. Many tourists prefer this destination and treat it among the richest culture heritage near the colonial rule of Portuguese, Dutch, and British.

Everyone gets involved in Traditional culture carried on by the Baba & Nyonya who are descendants of the Chinese delegates of Ming Dynasty emigrated from China and settled here. To know more about Malacca, here we have rounded up three places where you could spend your trip.

Why Malacca is Worth Visiting?

We feel Malacca is worth travelling place, know below to understand!

  1. The place is a fusion of culture, where you can discover tracks of East countries (China and Japan) and West (Portugal, Spain, England).
  2. Offer comfortable environment to tourists.
  3. The locals help tourist and other locals.
  4. A number of unusual spots to see and explore!

To visit Malacca, book your flights, hotels and car rental in advance from Agoda, Trip.com, and Klook. By reaching there, you could easily enjoy some breathtaking places of Malacca in a few days and have the best days of your life!

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1. Malacca Jonker Street

Jonker Street is a central place located in Chinatown where one can shop everything and meet different kinds of people.

Along with different kinds of people, Malacca has a rich history, goodness, historical landmarks, cafes, restaurants and attractions, where one can take a complete delight walking through. Even on busy days, the streets are fully crowded with people and have some interesting stuff to see and buy.

2. Alor Gajah

As soon as you reach Malacca, visit the lush and laidback countryside located at just 24 kms north of the city town of Alor Gajah, named among the top places of Malaysia.

While the tranquil town square which is the highlight of the town is a renowned A’Famosa Resort surrounded by pretty shops. One can have a leisure time explore the unique and magical world with multiple theme parks and a golf course. To book your flight to Malacca at cheap price use Agoda promo code.

3. Baba Nyonya Heritage Museum

Lastly, on our list is Baba Nyonya Heritage Museum established in the year 1896 and named as the family home for the Baba Chan family. The design of the Museum is inspired by European architecture and Eastern traditions and history.

Visit this heritage building having a unique blend of cultures, east and west countries that perfectly showcase the lifestyle of the Peranakan of the 19th century.

So, start planning for an adventurous journey to Malacca and explore the hidden place to have more fun. To ease your journey pre-book everything using Trip.com promo code and experience best time in Malacca.

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