3 Best Street Markets in Singapore for Shopaholics

May 1, 2019


The indoor shopping experiences are pretty much same in most of the places you would find. The malls and the branded stores have nevertheless same flavor whether you visit them in Singapore or in US. There are only a few subtle variations here and there otherwise everything else is all but the same in term of shopping experience.
So if you actually visit a place and want to try out the local aspects of the market, the street shopping markets are the best option to explore. They offer a genuinely different experience at every place giving us a rich feel and sense of understanding about the local buyers and the shopping culture of the place. In Singapore, you have many such street shopping destinations which you can try. You can get amazing discounts on Travel Booking to Singapore using these Klook Promo Code. For any Shopaholic, here are a few destinations in Singapore which offer so much more than just shopping and definitely worth exploring no matter how you are.

Chinatown Street

This is a place where anyone could spend several weeks exploring the versatility of products available in the street market vendors. Being a Chinese market, you can rest assured that this place is impeccably cheap and value for money place to purchase products. There are a wide array of items which you can buy from this market at jaw dropping cheap prices and what is even more astonishing about them is that you still have a chance to bargain on the purchase. In fact, most of these vendors usually hike the prices for the intention of adjusting the bargain discounts so even if you hear a price that is unbelievably cheap, you still got to make it even better deal for yourself by bargaining your way to make a purchase.
For the best shopping value, you can fetch some amazing electronic items and cool gadgets at dirt cheap prices in the Chinatown.

Haji Market

The Haji Market is renowned for being one of the most narrow street markets of the Singapore but yet considered to have one of the best shopping opportunities with a plenty of amazing experiences for the shopaholics. This place is basically popular for its antiques and other such classic products which are usually seen in heritage shops and museums. Apart from this, you can also explore a wide array of fashion and beauty products too if you like. This market has a certain degree of Arabian influence and it shows in the way the street market appears today. The shops usually put an extensive number of products on the showcase and it is highly unlikely that one would return empty handed from the street after going through the gallons of enticing products in front of their eyes.

Little India Shopping Centre

This is apparently a very vibrant and colourful shopping place which is clearly influenced by Indian Markets. The region itself is known as Little India due to the high density of Indian descendants living in this neighbourhood who have certainly put their mark on this place. Indian markets are genuinely known for having a great range of handicraft and traditional clothing range. The silk saris in particular are one of the greatest attractions over here. The most popular aspect of this market place is its striking aroma of spices and colourful nature on whole which is associated with Indian markets in general. It is a treat for your sense with adequate attractions to see, smell and taste.

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