Grab The Best Tips To Conquer A Bad Hair Day!

Lazada Voucher CodesBad Hair day, the worst day that a woman could face you can blame it on the weather, laziness or an unfavorable trip to the salon are the major and the basic reasons as to why bad hair days happen, and you cannot ignore the fact as it happens to most of us. But whether you’re bummed out about your bangs or annoyed over the frizz, there’s a solution for every problem.

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Below, are the some best fixes to banish your bad hair days forever. This will give your hair the best treatment ever and also, will let you shine throughout.

Tip#1  Try a Hairline Braid If Your Bangs Are Sticking Up

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This style looks cool, and it’s super easy to master. Mist your hair with a texturizing spray before plaiting to help the pieces grip each other and stay in place. Then pin it behind your ear with two bobby pins fixed in an X shape.

Tip#2 Use Braids to Control Curls

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While your hair is still damp, gather it into two sections. Form two braids and let the hair “cook” for 20 minutes. The style will coax your hair into soft, loose waves free of fuzz.

Tip#3 Pull Hair into a Half Updo

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Half-up styles give your hair structure with minimal effort, and they instantly work to brighten your face. To master the look, section out the top layer of your hair and fasten it with a hair tie.

Tip#4 Dry Shampoo Can be Your Weapon

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You don’t have to wash your hair every day. Before going to bed, douse it with dry shampoo. The product will soak into your hair while you sleep so you can wake up, style and go.

Tip#5 Rock Frizz-less Curls

Sometimes you want to play with your hair’s natural volume with a more natural look. To take advantage of the fuzziness, flip your head upside down and fluff the hair around the nape of your neck with your hands or a hair pick. This builds the body from underneath.

Tip#6 Tame Bangs with Accessories

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Anyone with bangs knows the awkward grow-out stage. You can’t make it in for a trim quite yet, but your bangs are in your face. Embrace bobby-pin art. Instead of just sticking them in wherever, make the look purposeful with a cross design.

Tip#7 Fix Ponytail Bumps by Making It a Double

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The only way to get rid of an unsightly ponytail bump is to wet your hair or to apply heat. If you don’t have the time to mess with it, you can opt instead for a double ponytail. Leave the top section out while gathering the back into a pony, secure it with elastic, add in the front section and secure it with a second elastic.

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